What is the Doc Band?

What is the Doc BandThere are a number of products available for babies in need of cranial reshaping devices. As medical technology advances further and further, there are more options available for families dealing with a plagiocephaly diagnosis. The Doc Band is a customizable “helmet” that offer comfort throughout the treatment process.

What is the Doc Band?

The Doc Band is a smaller, lighter version of the traditional cranial remolding helmet. Each Doc Band is custom manufactured and weighs less than 6 ounces, which is 32 percent lighter than most of their competitors devices. They are hypoallergenic and 44 percent more open at the top than most of the standard helmets on the market. According to the Cranial Technologies company, the DOC Band is “the only custom cranial helmet with over 25 years of documented outcomes. It’s been used to safely and successfully treat more than 100,000 babies with moderate to severe plagiocephaly.” The company makes each band using cutting edge technology and a unique manufacturing process that allows for the highest level of comfort and inevitable success for your baby. One of the best features about the Doc Band is that you can custom design the band to suit your baby’s personality. With options ranging from minions to super heroes, princesses to football player and Nascar Driver to rugby player, you can create a band that looks more like an accessory than a medical device.

How Does it Work?

The way the DOC Band works differently than other products is by applying a customized percentage of corrective pressure that directs the baby’s natural head growth into a normal head shape. The band is designed to be worn 23 hours a day, which will lead to visible improvement in just two weeks. During the course of treatment (6 weeks to 4 months), doctors make adjustments to the band to redirect head growth as needed. The customized process means that your baby will spend less time in plagiocephaly treatment.

What Makes it Better Than Other Options?

There are several reasons that Cranial Technologies claims set them apart from their competition. The first is that the DOC Band is the first-ever FDA-accredited cranial orthotic for use in the treatment of plagiocephaly. Second, the product has a range of clinical trials that have proven the efficacy of the device. The band can correct both cranial vault (upper head) and skull base (ear and face) abnormalities. Another strength is the state-of-the art technology that uses computer programs to calculate the right amount of corrective forces for your baby.

How Do I Get One for My Baby?

The DOC Band is custom manufactured at the highly advanced technological facility in Tempe, Arizona. The manufacturing team is comprised of highly skilled professionals with both technical and artisan experience. By visiting this website you can schedule and appointment at the main headquarters in Tempe or find a Cranial Technologies clinic in your area.

If you are a parent looking for a cranial remodeling therapy device, the Doc Band is worth investigating. With comfort, technology and customizability, it is a great option for plagiocephaly treatment.


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