How Do I Know When to Talk to the Pediatrician About Plagiocephaly?

Maybe you are a first time parent or maybe you have other children but never noticed head flattening before. Perhaps a friend or relative commented on the shape of your infant’s head. Regardless, you may wonder how flat is too flat when it comes to your infants head. Here are some helpful hints to help you […]

Advantages of In-Home Therapy for Flat Head Syndrome

Your baby has been diagnosed with something you can barely pronounce – plagiocephaly. This in itself might be enough to send you reeling. When you start reading about the treatments and therapies and specialists, it’s probably enough to push you over the top. Never fear, the treatment options to treat plagiocephaly have never been easier […]

5 Activities to Enhance Babies Growth and Development From 3-6 Months

Infant Development between the age of 3 and 6 months means baby is growing and developing at a very fast rate. During this small window you will see your little person go from a blank slate to a big bold personality. This fun-filled, action-packed time in baby’s life can be exhausting for parents but by filling their […]

Three Important Ways to Avoid Plagiocephaly

Plagiocephaly has seen a dramatic spike in the number of babies diagnosed each year over the course of the past twenty-two years. Finding ways to avoid plagiocephaly has become increasingly important. This spike has largely been associating with the “Back to Sleep” campaign, which encouraged parents to put their infants to sleep on their backs, […]

New Device For Plagiocephaly Prevention

If your child has positional plagiocephaly, you’re aware of the struggle involved in helping them to recover normal head shape. The internal conflicts you wage with yourself, and sometimes, the fighting that erupts between you and your partner. The blame game is no one’s friend. That’s why many parents are active in efforts to educate […]

America’s First Baby Spa: Float Baby

There’s a new business in Texas that’s turning heads internationally. Float Baby is a spa designed for infants, but more than just a place to pamper little ones with massage and relaxation, it may be the first step towards a new treatment method for infant torticollis. The owner of the spa, Kristi Ison, is a […]

Safely positioning baby for sleep

This post was kindly submitted by Susan Slaughter, MS, OTR/L, of Carolina Kinder Development, which is is a practice devoted to infant development and preventing and treating torticollis, plagiocephaly, and brachycephaly.  Founded in 2006 in Charlotte, NC, their services include baby classes, parent education videos, cranial bands, pediatric occupational and physical therapy. Carolina Kinder Development offers a helpful […]

The Mimos Pillow – Product Review

The Mimos Pillow – Product Review Many parents who have noticed some flattening on their baby’s head are looking for anything they can do to help correct the head shape. Other parents have realized the high number of cases of head flattening in infants today, and are looking to prevent it in their own infants. […]

How to prevent flat spots on your baby’s head

How to prevent flat spots on your baby’s head Flat Head Syndrome, also known as positional or deformational plagiocephaly and brachycephaly, can be a serious issue. The conditions can impact your child’s appearance, and may also interfere with psychological and motor skills development. If you follow your doctor’s advice and place your child to sleep […]