Lifenest Sleep System by Ubimed Product Review

Lifenest Sleep System Review

I personally used the Lifenest Sleep System with my son and loved it.  It gave me real peace of mind that if my baby did roll over in his sleep, he would still be able to breathe.  Unfortunately I didn’t start using it until he was already close to six months old, and I really wish I had known about it from the time he was born, because I think it would have helped a lot with his head shape.  Even though I only used it a couple of months before he got too big and started rolling off it, I still think it was a worthwhile investment and would recommend it to others.

The Lifenest Sleep System by Ubimed is a wellness product designed to give a supportive sleeping surface that is curved and has a inclined netting that cushions baby’s back of head preventing baby flat head syndrome and also allows baby to breathe should the baby flip from a back sleeping position to the stomach. This is a revolutionary mesh hammock system that is made in such a way as to encourage babies to sleep on their backs without being restrictive to a baby’s movements during sleep and thus is very relaxing for the baby. Where and how the baby sleeps is a major decision for expectant and new parents. Reading reviews like this one will help make an informed decision about this very important piece of baby nursery equipment.


lifenest product review - in crib

The Lifenest Sleep System fits in a full size crib

Lifenest Sleep System Features:

  • Babies breathe easier even if they flip over because of supportive inclined hypoallergenic netting (dust mite free)
  • Encourages baby to sleep on back
  • Intended for babies age birth through 5 months old with a maximum weight of 20 lbs
  • Zippered bag-shaped coversheets, handy for keeping it clean
  • The hammock portion of the system is a curved surface that cuddles the baby
  • Helps to prevent plagiocephaly (baby flat head syndrome)
  • Coversheet is machine washable
  • Model # SPM001UB1A
  • Dimension: 33.4 x 27.5 x 5.2 inches
  • Product weighs 7.3 pounds


Lifenest Sleep System Pros:

The item is very easy to clean, transport and setup. Baby seems comfortable and sleeps longer than when on a traditional crib mattress. Parents love the mesh because the “air-holes” give them reassurance that baby will keep breathing normally even if he/she turns over. It is wonderful to travel with the Lifenest and know that wherever baby is sleeping the sleep will be safe and comfortable.  Another big plus is that it provides ventilation to keep the baby cool during warm weather, and babies sleep better when the room is cooler as well.  Just remember if it is cold to dress your baby appropriately when he or she is sleeping.


Lifenest Sleep System Cons:

Some parents are experiencing difficulty positioning the baby correctly in order to prevent the baby from sliding downward.  It is important to read instructions before using any infant equipment or furniture to prevent things from happening that could be dangerous. I personally put a couple of books under the crib mattress (not just under the Lifenest but under the entire mattress, kind of like you would do if your baby had reflux) to counteract the slope and I had no problems with my baby sliding down.  My son was older when I used it and more mobile, a younger baby would likely stay positioned in the system better.  It actually worked perfectly when he was still swaddled with no sliding at all.

It can be expensive to purchase additional sheets for the Lifenest Sleep System so buyer needs to be aware of this additional expense, but I found them definitely worth the extra cost.  The last thing you want is to have a mess in the middle of the night and no extra sheet available!   Although most people do not end up transporting the LifenestÔ, to do so can be difficult as it is bulky. Ubimed cautions that LifeNestÔ should never be used anywhere other than in a crib, which is where it was designed to be used.


lifenest review photo in crib.Lifenest Sleep System Recommendation:

The Lifenest is recommended for use as a mattress topper (sits on top of a regular crib mattress) to be used to provide additional air circulation and to help prevent baby flat head syndrome. The majority of those reviewing this product after they have purchased and used it with their babies would recommend it to friends or buy it to give as a baby gift.  I personally loved this product and only wish I had started using it when my baby was younger.

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