What Is Early Intervention and How Can They Help?

What is Early InterventionIf your child is showing symptoms of flattening of the head or your doctor has already diagnosed your baby with plagiocephaly, you may have heard about something called EI or Early Intervention. You may know they are a resource you can use, but what exactly is Early Intervention and how can they help your family.

What is Early Intervention?

Each state supports an organization that helps children and families deal with medical, developmental and other issues. Most often the age range for  eligibility for EI services is birth to 3 years old. Each state offers this free or low cost service to families who meet eligibility criteria.

Most state EI programs offer physical therapy, occupational therapy, feeding therapy, speech therapy and other important services either in the home or daycare center. The goal is to treat young children where they are most comfortable to make the most progress in their early years.

How do I initiate the process?

If you have suspicion that your child might be suffering from baby flat head syndrome, EI is one of the places you can reach out to for help and guidance. Each state has an office, usually run by the state department of health. Parents can contact their state EI agency and request an assessment if they feel their children need help.

What role can EI play in plagiocephaly treatment?

Early Intervention Specialists and therapists can play a number of roles in the treatment of plagiocephaly. They can help assess whether further treatment is warranted and help you find the right doctors and orthotists to treat your baby. In less severe cases they can help create a repositioning protocol and physical therapy regiment to avoid advancement of the symptoms.

How do I start working with EI?

It’s as simple as a phone call or registering online (in some states). A team will come meet with your family to get a sense of your needs. From there they will create a plan and a team of specialists who can help you and your baby.

What happens while working with an EI Therapist?

Therapists will come into the home or child care facility and work hands with your child. By helping strengthen muscles and finding better positioning, EI therapists have a host of tips and tools. EI interventionists work with many families dealing with baby flat head syndrome. Many parents note that these therapists are some of the best resources available.

Can Early Intervention really help?

The in-home team approach can make all the difference in the world when it comes to plagiocephaly treatment. Their goal is to not only help your child, but also support and teach you along the way.

Early Intervention programs are a great resource for many pediatric issues. In the case of plagiocephaly an EI therapist can be a wonderful resource in a number of areas. From helping with physical or occupational therapy to helping your family deal with cranial remolding therapy, EI is there to help your child’s condition improve. Still not sure? You can always talk with your child’s pediatrician about whether EI is a good fit for your families needs.

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