What Is Early Intervention and How Can They Help?

If your child is showing symptoms of flattening of the head or your doctor has already diagnosed your baby with plagiocephaly, you may have heard about something called EI or Early Intervention. You may know they are a resource you can use, but what exactly is Early Intervention and how can they help your family. What […]

Does All Plagiocephaly Look the Same?

When your child’s pediatrician first speaks the word – plagiocephaly – it can be a scary time as a parent. Questions begin to swim around in your mind and knowing which to ask can be a daunting task. Once the dust settles on this new diagnosis you can start to piece together the next best […]

Why Is Your Baby Wearing That? A Guide to Answering Questions About Cranial Remolding

Any parent who has lived through cranial remolding therapy can recount the silly, strange and sometimes weird plagiocephaly questions that people ask. Looking back most parents develop a sense of humor about the experience and recall those questions with a laugh. However, in the moment these questions can feel like an intrusion. Even the most […]

Potential Outcomes of Skipping Cranial Remolding Therapy

Your pediatrician recently diagnosed your baby with plagiocephaly and it’s up to you as the parent to figure out what is your next step. Perhaps your child’s flat head syndrome is mild enough that your doctor suggested repositioning as the first course of action. But what happens when the doctor thinks that cranial remolding therapy is […]

The Best Baby Pillows to Avoid Flat Head Syndrome

One way that some parents are avoiding the effects of flat head syndrome is by using specially designed infant pillows. These pillows provide the infants head with cushioning that works to disperse the pressure put on the back of the skull when baby lays on her back. The goal of the pillow is to avoid […]

How Do I Know When to Talk to the Pediatrician About Plagiocephaly?

Maybe you are a first time parent or maybe you have other children but never noticed head flattening before. Perhaps a friend or relative commented on the shape of your infant’s head. Regardless, you may wonder how flat is too flat when it comes to your infants head. Here are some helpful hints to help you […]

The Best Baby Carriers for Avoiding Flat Head Syndrome

Pediatricians worldwide agree that getting baby off of their backs is important to avoid flat head syndrome. While tummy time is important, it has to be carefully supervised by an adult. So, how can you keep baby off of his back when you need to get things accomplished? One of the best and most effective […]

Advantages of In-Home Therapy for Flat Head Syndrome

Your baby has been diagnosed with something you can barely pronounce – plagiocephaly. This in itself might be enough to send you reeling. When you start reading about the treatments and therapies and specialists, it’s probably enough to push you over the top. Never fear, the treatment options to treat plagiocephaly have never been easier […]

6 Tummy Time Products to Eliminate Flat Head Syndrome

We have all heard that from a very young age it is important to introduce tummy time for the growth and development of our babies. Tummy time is an important part of baby’s day for a number of reasons. It helps to strengthen the muscles in their necks, tummies and backs. It also helps them […]

5 Activities to Enhance Babies Growth and Development From 3-6 Months

Infant Development between the age of 3 and 6 months means baby is growing and developing at a very fast rate. During this small window you will see your little person go from a blank slate to a big bold personality. This fun-filled, action-packed time in baby’s life can be exhausting for parents but by filling their […]