The Best Baby Pillows to Avoid Flat Head Syndrome

Best-Baby-PillowsOne way that some parents are avoiding the effects of flat head syndrome is by using specially designed infant pillows. These pillows provide the infants head with cushioning that works to disperse the pressure put on the back of the skull when baby lays on her back. The goal of the pillow is to avoid flattening of the skull by giving a cushioned base to lie on. Here we will look at five of the best baby pillows for avoiding flat head syndrome.

Best Ergonomic Baby Pillows for Avoiding Flat Head Syndrome:

Babymoon Pod – For Flat Head Syndrome & Neck Support (Baby Blue)is handmade with an ergonomic shape that provides neck and head support for infants. It will help prevent or correct flat head syndrome. It can be used lying down, in the car seat, swing, stroller or under a baby gym. The narrow design ergonomically fits baby’s natural head shape. Because so many babies have a preferred sleeping side, the sides of the ErgoPillow are soft to help avoid side deformation, while giving firm side support. It is made from minky velour polyester and is filled with 100 percent non-allergenic polyester fiberfill.

Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support Tiny Triangles, Gray is designed to elevate and cradle your baby’s head in a natural position. The unique, patented cut out design of this support makes it great for outings in the stroller, hanging out in the swing or bouncing in the bouncer. The soft padding cradles baby’s head allowing for all-over comfort.

Best Round Baby Pillows for Avoiding Flat Head Syndrome:

Babymoon Pod – For Flat Head Syndrome & Neck Support (Baby Blue) is another great option for avoiding flat head syndrome. It has multiple uses, offering head support for infants 0-6 months and adjusts into a neck support for 6-12 months. Use it lying down on changing pad, nursing, playtime, in the bouncer, stroller and in the car seat. The filling is 100 percent plush polyester and is hypoallergenic.

Infant Head Shaping Memory Foam Pillow & Bamboo Pillowcase. Luxury Baby Shower Gift to KEEP a baby’s head round. is a round memory foam pillow that uses a safe BASF memory foam design. It cradles baby’s head to encourage natural round growth, while also keeping them comfortable. The hypoallergenic bamboo is safe and gentle on baby’s skin. It was created by mothers, for mothers and offers support for growing baby’s.

Mimos Baby Pillow (XL) – Airflow Safety (German TUV Certification) – Size XL (1- 10 Months) – The only breathable safe and clinically tested effective baby pillow for plagiocephaly addresses the problem that arises when baby reaches around 3 months and corrective positioning no longer works. This pillow alleviates the pressure on your baby’s head and has proven results, particularly when used from birth. It relieves the pressure on your baby’s skull during rest, play and sleep. This pillow eliminates the need for constant repositioning of your baby’s head. It is breathable, completely safe and has been cited in health journals as a great way to avoid plagiocephaly in babies.



  1. Love the Mimos Pillow!! It’s the only one that is CLINICALLY PROVEN & BREATHABLE which was a huge factor for us for the safety. It totally worked with our son, his plagiocephaly improved dramatically within the first month. With our second son, we used Mimos from day 1 and it prevented him from getting a flat spot altogether. Mimos was the only pillow our pediatric physio would recommend as it’s the only one that is a medical device.

  2. Please note the new updated sizes of Mimos Pillow are (XS, S and M)

    Was L -> Now X.Small (XS)
    Was XL -> Now Small (S)
    Was XXL -> Now Medium (M)

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