The Best Baby Carriers for Avoiding Flat Head Syndrome

best-baby-carriers-for-avoiding-plagiocephalyPediatricians worldwide agree that getting baby off of their backs is important to avoid flat head syndrome. While tummy time is important, it has to be carefully supervised by an adult. So, how can you keep baby off of his back when you need to get things accomplished? One of the best and most effective ways to accomplish this is through baby wearing. By choosing the best baby carrier for your needs you can carry your baby right into healthy development. Here we will look at the best, most popular carriers loved by moms and dads for avoiding flat head syndrome.

Best Soft Carriers for Avoiding Plagiocephaly

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original, Black, Cotton

Arguably the most used baby carrier, this comfy carrier was carefully designed to accommodate baby from birth without the need for an infant insert like many other carriers. It has a firm, adjustable head support for proper support of baby’s head and neck. This allows baby to keep pressure off of the back of the head to avoid flattening. The legs and hips are positioned in an ergonomically correct position that is recommended by pediatricians. With this carrier you have the option of carrying baby facing in or out.

Ergobaby Original 3 Position Baby Carrier Marine

The award-winning carrier keeps comfort and ergonomics in mind. The padded shoulder straps and waistband offer comfort for parent and baby. The shoulders and waistband allow for equal distribution across the body. Consequently baby can sit or sleep in maximum comfort. This carrier offers three carrying positions: front, back and hip, all of which can help avoid laying on baby’s back for extended periods of time.

Best Sling Carriers for Avoiding Plagiocephaly

Boba Baby Wrap, Grey

The Boba Wrap is for babies birth to age 18 months. Because there are no buckles, straps or snaps to figure out, it ties up very easily. This versatile carrier allows you to position baby in the most comfortable way for both of you. It also offers the flexibility of positioning baby so that she stays off her back and close to you.
Baby K’tan Breeze Baby Carrier, Charcoal, Medium

This easy to use carrier touts itself as the “wrap without all of the wrapping.” It has a patented double-loop design that distributes baby’s weight across the shoulders and back. Baby is given ample neck support and helps keep her in an ergonomic position for healthy infant development. This carrier is a sling, wrap and soft baby carrier in one package. You can choose a number of positions to keep baby comfortable for long periods of time.

Best Backpack Carriers for Avoiding Plagiocephaly

SIX-Position, 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier by LILLEbaby – The COMPLETE Airflow (Mist)

The LILLEbaby complete carrier offers parents the “ultimate 360 degree babywearing experience”. Similarly to the Baby K’tan, this carrier is lightweight and suitable from birth (7lbs) into the toddler years (up to 45lbs). It has an adjustable seat and tall neck support that provides a comfortable fit with six carrying positions. There is even a sun-shielding sleeping hood for naps or nursing. This carrier is another excellent option to help baby get upright and give them more time off of their back.

Kelty Journey 2.0 Child Carrier

Alternatively, the Kelty Journey is a five-point, adjustable harness with a different kind of adventure in mind. This sturdy carrier is ideal for a long day of errands or hitting the trail for a long hike. In fact, for active parents, this carrier is a must. With a Foot-Stabilizer at the bottom of the carrier, it serves as a safe platform for loading and unloading your baby. The carrier even has an organizer pocket, front storage pocket, and removable, washable chin-pad.

Each of these carriers offers something unique and helpful for parents, but all are wonderful choices to help avoid flat head syndrome. More time baby wearing means less time on baby’s back and a significant reduction in head flattening.

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