Why Is Your Baby Wearing That? A Guide to Answering Questions About Cranial Remolding

Any parent who has lived through cranial remolding therapy can recount the silly, strange and sometimes weird plagiocephaly questions that people ask. Looking back most parents develop a sense of humor about the experience and recall those questions with a laugh. However, in the moment these questions can feel like an intrusion. Even the most […]

Potential Outcomes of Skipping Cranial Remolding Therapy

Your pediatrician recently diagnosed your baby with plagiocephaly and it’s up to you as the parent to figure out what is your next step. Perhaps your child’s flat head syndrome is mild enough that your doctor suggested repositioning as the first course of action. But what happens when the doctor thinks that cranial remolding therapy is […]

Current Treatment Options for Babies with Plagiocephaly

If your baby had been diagnosed with plagiocephaly you might find that there are current treatment options with more variance than you originally thought. These are some of the most current treatment options for babies with varying severity levels of flat head syndrome. Sleeping and Resting Position Changes One of the first treatments for milder cases of […]

What is the Doc Band?

There are a number of products available for babies in need of cranial reshaping devices. As medical technology advances further and further, there are more options available for families dealing with a plagiocephaly diagnosis. The Doc Band is a customizable “helmet” that offer comfort throughout the treatment process. What is the Doc Band? The Doc […]

How Can I Help Our Daycare Provider Adhere to Helmet Therapy?

Since you returned to work your baby has been happily attending daycare. Recently, baby was diagnosed with plagiocephaly and your pediatrician has suggested a helmet or band as the best course of treatment. What approach should you take when it comes to educating your daycare provider to comply with the treatment protocol? Many parents of […]

How Long Will My Baby Need to Wear a Helmet for Plagiocephaly?

One of the first questions that most plagiocephaly parents ask when the pediatrician prescribes cranial remolding is how long will my baby need to wear the helmet. Most doctors will hesitate to give a specific time frame, because there is a range. While there is no one answer to this question, there is certainly a […]

Thoughts on plagiocephaly and the helmet now that my son is 4 years old

My son is now 4 years old (where does the time go?) and I’ve been thinking back recently to our experiences with plagiocephaly and brachycephaly when he was just an infant. In our case, we ended up going with the helmet as a last resort after we had tried physical therapy and repositioning without success. […]

Baby Helmets – How to Deal With Snarky Comments

The choice to helmet your child is a tough one to make. You’ve reached your wits end, and tried everything from massage therapy and tummy time to physical therapy and baby wearing. You’ve battled insurance companies, done hours of research, and finally you’ve arrived at the conclusion – with your child’s doctor backing you up […]

Why You Shouldn’t Be Excited About the Latest Study on Positional Plagiocephaly

In response to the pleas of parents and the requests of insurance companies, doctors are starting to pay more attention to the need for randomized, controlled studies on the diagnosis and treatment of positional plagiocephaly. In May, a study in the British Medical Journal revealed that in a sample of 84 infants, the treatment of […]

What to do if your helmet insurance claim is denied

What to do if your helmet insurance claim is denied Some insurance companies have a bad reputation where helmeting and banding treatments for flat head syndrome are concerned. Many parents have reported significant problems with Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health Care, and TRICARE. It is difficult to generalize because these companies offer so many […]