Update after 2.5 months in the baby helmet! With before and after laser scan images

Update after 2.5 months in the baby helmet!

I wanted to post the progress of my son after wearing his baby helmet for almost two and a half months.  His helmet was a STARband made by Orthoamerica.  We had an excellent orthotist here in Jacksonville, FL, at Bremer Brace.

We were just thrilled with his progress!  We really noticed a pretty dramatic improvement visually in his plagiocephaly within the first two weeks.  He has a combination of positional plagiocephaly and brachycephaly, and the brachy definitely takes longer to correct.

Mateus before after plagiocephaly brachycephalyThe image here shows the laser STARscanner image of his head before and after.  Pretty amazing difference!  It almost looks like the image on the left (before) was chopped off, but that’s really how flat his head was.

His head seems to be growing pretty rapidly even though he got the baby helmet on right before his 8 month birthday.  We had to go in almost every week for fittings because of the growth, which we haven’t minded at all since he’s progressing so quickly.

This is how his measurements have changed so far:

Cephalic Ratio improved from 1.012 to 0.950 – this is the primary measurement for the brachcephaly

Radial Symmetry Index (RSI) improved from 35.4 to 31.3

Cranial Vault Assymetry Index (CVAI) improved from 6.5 to 2.2

baby wearing baby helmet

Happy in my baby helmet!

If your baby has been wearing a cranial helmet, we would love to hear about your progress and results.  Please share your comments below!

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