The Mimos Pillow – Product Review

Mimos pillow photoThe Mimos Pillow – Product Review

Many parents who have noticed some flattening on their baby’s head are looking for anything they can do to help correct the head shape. Other parents have realized the high number of cases of head flattening in infants today, and are looking to prevent it in their own infants.  After all, apart from creating a problem with a child’s physical appearance, there are some other long-term health problems that can result from Flat Head Syndrome. Many parents seeking to help their children have used treatment methods such as repositioning, physical therapy, and even the use of orthotics. There are new products available today that can help along with these treatments.

One product you may have heard about is the Mimos pillow.  It’s certified as safe to use for children from 0-3 by the European Safety agency. The principle behind it is simple, and for those of you who are familiar with the PlagioCradle from Boston Orthotics, the idea is similar.  Your baby’s head is placed in the dip in the Mimos pillow, and therefore doesn’t have the pressure placed on it that it would get from an ordinary pillow or crib mattress.

The pillow can be used with or without a cover, the cover can be purchased separately. An extra cover is really handy when you need to wash it.

Aren’t pillows dangerous for infants?

It is important to note that Mimos pillows aren’t the same as ordinary pillows for a few key reasons. As you may be aware, sleeping with a regular pillow isn’t recommended for infants, since the presence of pillows, stuffed animals, and even crib bumpers has been tied to SIDS and infant suffocation. Mimos pillows are breathable, however.  This means that even if your little one manages to roll so that they are breathing into the pillow, the risk of suffocation or carbon dioxide rebreathing is drastically reduced.

When I first heard about the Mimos pillow, I was a little skeptical because of the risks associated with using pillows with infants. After all, I live in the US, and pillows are a big no-no for babies here. Then again, I’d heard that they are the norm in some countries, like Sweden, where a recent study using the Mimos pillow showed some benefits for babies with plagiocephaly. Sweden actually recommends pillow use for infants, and they have the third lowest rate of SIDS in the world.

So let’s get to the review!

I did not use the Mimos pillow when my son was going through treatment for flat head syndrome, but that was because the product was not readily available in the US.  The manufacturer of the Mimos pillow sent me one to review, and I have to say I was very impressed with the product, and also by the amount of research and testing that has been conducted by the manufacturer.  I wish I had sought one out when I was doing repositioning with my son for his head flattening, as it would have made things much easier.  I also wish I had just used this pillow from the time he was born, but when he was very young the doctors seemed to think that the head flattening would correct itself, so I wasn’t as concerned about it at that time.  In hindsight, I should have taken it more seriously in the first couple months of his life.

My impressions

Mimos pillow packagingThe package that held the Mimos was much lighter than I had expected. The pillow is actually something like 94% air, making it extremely light.  The size, shape, and breathable nature of the pillow calmed my minor anxieties regarding the use of a pillow in his crib.

My Mimos came with a soft cover, which you may opt to use or not.  The mesh on the Mimos pillow itself also feels soft, so I don’t think it would make much difference in terms of comfort.

I read on the Mimos website that the pillow allows 400% more contact with baby’s skull than an ordinary crib mattress, making sure that the pressure is equal on most parts of the skull, and decreasing the likelihood of flat head syndrome as a result. Therefore, this pillow could be used both to prevent head flattening, and also to relieve pressure on a skull that is already showing signs of flattening.

All in all, my experience with the Mimos pillow has been positive. I have to say that their customer service is also excellent.  The manufacturer is obviously very concerned about safety and conducting the proper research to make sure that the product is safe, which is very admirable.  They are also working to get the proper certifications in each country where the product is sold.

In order to make sure that I provide you with the most accurate view of what using this product is like, I also dug through some forums and blogs to gauge the response of other users.

What others are saying

An osteopath noted on a thread regarding pillow use that the Mimos is in stock at his office.  He uses it because the material is breathable, unlike other infant pillows on the market. For example, an infant pillow called the Mije is made of memory foam and actually may be dangerous. Additionally, he noted that the Mimos works well specifically in cases where a flat head is noted, but that a peanut pillow may be more advisable where torticollis is suspected as well.

Many mothers have commented on the breathability and lightness of the Mimos pillow. One even reported testing the pillows breathability by attempting to breathe through it herself, gently. She said it worked quite well. Other mothers commented on the way their babies interacted with the pillow. Even very young infants seemed to enjoy playing with it, and were able to push it around.


Mimos pillow reviewI haven’t seen a single complaint regarding the Mimos pillow, and most families seem to have the same impression that I do – the pillow is breathable, light enough for baby to move if necessary, and comfortable. In short, it seems like a really good product. The company is currently working on trials for FDA approval, and I am happy that families in the US may soon have access to this great device. One way that I believe the Mimos may prove especially useful is in flat head prevention. Apart from tummy time, this may be a real asset for families concerned about the possibility of Flat Head Syndrome.

Before you get a Mimos, make sure to check with your child’s doctor. Although the pillow is breathable, I also wouldn’t recommend using it after your child is capable of rolling over on his or her own.

For more information, please see our reviews of many other products to help with prevention and treatment of infant head flattening at this link, as well as an article on what products you really need to keep your baby’s head from flattening.

NOTE: I received a sample which I used as the basis for this review. I was not, however, obligated in any way to write a review. What you see above are my own actual thoughts and opinions on the product.

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