The Best Baby Pillows to Avoid Flat Head Syndrome

One way that some parents are avoiding the effects of flat head syndrome is by using specially designed infant pillows. These pillows provide the infants head with cushioning that works to disperse the pressure put on the back of the skull when baby lays on her back. The goal of the pillow is to avoid […]

The Best Baby Carriers for Avoiding Flat Head Syndrome

Pediatricians worldwide agree that getting baby off of their backs is important to avoid flat head syndrome. While tummy time is important, it has to be carefully supervised by an adult. So, how can you keep baby off of his back when you need to get things accomplished? One of the best and most effective […]

Advantages of In-Home Therapy for Flat Head Syndrome

Your baby has been diagnosed with something you can barely pronounce – plagiocephaly. This in itself might be enough to send you reeling. When you start reading about the treatments and therapies and specialists, it’s probably enough to push you over the top. Never fear, the treatment options to treat plagiocephaly have never been easier […]

6 Tummy Time Products to Eliminate Flat Head Syndrome

We have all heard that from a very young age it is important to introduce tummy time for the growth and development of our babies. Tummy time is an important part of baby’s day for a number of reasons. It helps to strengthen the muscles in their necks, tummies and backs. It also helps them […]

Current Treatment Options for Babies with Plagiocephaly

If your baby had been diagnosed with plagiocephaly you might find that there are current treatment options with more variance than you originally thought. These are some of the most current treatment options for babies with varying severity levels of flat head syndrome. Sleeping and Resting Position Changes One of the first treatments for milder cases of […]

Three Important Ways to Avoid Plagiocephaly

Plagiocephaly has seen a dramatic spike in the number of babies diagnosed each year over the course of the past twenty-two years. Finding ways to avoid plagiocephaly has become increasingly important. This spike has largely been associating with the “Back to Sleep” campaign, which encouraged parents to put their infants to sleep on their backs, […]

What is the Doc Band?

There are a number of products available for babies in need of cranial reshaping devices. As medical technology advances further and further, there are more options available for families dealing with a plagiocephaly diagnosis. The Doc Band is a customizable “helmet” that offer comfort throughout the treatment process. What is the Doc Band? The Doc […]

How Can I Help Our Daycare Provider Adhere to Helmet Therapy?

Since you returned to work your baby has been happily attending daycare. Recently, baby was diagnosed with plagiocephaly and your pediatrician has suggested a helmet or band as the best course of treatment. What approach should you take when it comes to educating your daycare provider to comply with the treatment protocol? Many parents of […]

Is Babywearing Safe With a Plagiocephaly Helmet?

Babywearing has been your goal since your pregnancy began and now your baby has been diagnosed with plagiocephaly or flat head syndrome, so are your hopes of Babywearing bliss now dashed? Definitely not! With a range of options and different styles of helmets and bands, parents can find a babywearing option that is comfortable and safe. In some […]

How Severe is My Baby’s Plagiocephaly?

When a pediatrician makes a diagnosis of plagiocephaly or flat head syndrome, they will sometimes include technical terms and measurements. As someone new to the diagnosis how are you to make sense of all of this technical information? This guide will walk you through the levels of the Plagiocephaly Severity Scale in simple terms that […]